Reelight NOVA Rear Light Battery Free Bike Light - One Less Car - Cycling Accessories
Reelight NOVA Rear Light Battery Free Bike Light - One Less Car - Cycling Accessories
Reelight NOVA Rear Light Battery Free Bike Light - One Less Car - Cycling Accessories

Reelight NOVA Rear Light Battery Free Bike Light

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We think cycling should be as convenient as possible that's why we love these lights. 

Lights that are always ready to go when you are 

These are not your typical dynamo lights. They are frictionless. Using the rotation of your aluminium wheel rim to create a magnetic field that is used to power the light. They are easy to install and once on your bike that's it, you'll have working lights every ride.

Never think about your bike lights again

They turn on automatically when you begin riding, and never needing to be charged or switched on and off. Just part of your bike, always there in every type of weather or circumstance working, day and night.

These lights are to help you be seen by other road users.  If you ride in unlit areas you will want an additional more powerful front light to see by.

Dynamo is NOT included with the light and sold separately


(One dynamo powers one light.)

How does it work?

What is Eddy Current?

Eddy Current is an electric current induced by a changing magnetic field in a conductor such as an aluminium rim. This creates a magnetic field, which can be utilised to power a bike light. It almost seems like magic but with an Eddy current rim dynamo there is no need to mount magnets on the rim and the dynamo does not even have to touch!

Modular System

NOVA is available for head tube, basket, seat post and luggage carrier mounting. When combined with the Contactless Rim Dynamo™ the lights deliver up to 60 lumens and are the brightest Reelight bike lights to date. All the lights come with integrated E approved reflexes for added safety.


The dynamo is mounted with ReeMount™ – a straightforward and secure wire system that makes positioning the dynamo faster and easier than ever before. The wire is made from coated stainless steel, ensuring a strong mount and minimising the risk of breakage or theft. The dynamo can be mounted on the fork and on the seat stay and will fit most types of bikes with the exception of mountain bikes with suspension forks.

ReePower™ Flash

NOVA comes with ReePower™ Flash - a backup system, which makes the lights flash for two minutes when at a standstill. The system automatically shifts from constant light, when slowing down, and starts flashing instead.

  • Constant light
  • Uses no batteries
  • Powered by Eddy Currents, generated by a rotating magnet
  • Continues flashing for two minutes after stopping
  • Permanently mounted
  • Theft proof
What rim type is the NOVA compatible with?

The rim has to be in aluminium in order to function as advertised. Steel and carbon rims are NOT recommended for use with the NOVA Dynamo.

To figure out what material your rim is made of, you can take the alu test. Click here to go to the test. 


NOVA light manual

Data sheet

Not for suspension / wide forks / MTB

How many lumen is the NOVA light?

The lumen output depends on how well the Dynamo is mounted and the speed you are driving.  To see more specific numbers please follow the link to the datasheet and chose the one for NOVA.  Go to datasheets

How to install the Reelight NOVA