Lobster Lock 2.0 - One Less Car Cycling Accessories
Lobster Lock 2.0 - One Less Car Cycling Accessories
Lobster Lock 2.0 - One Less Car Cycling Accessories
Lobster Lock 2.0 - One Less Car Cycling Accessories
Lobster Lock 2.0 - One Less Car Cycling Accessories
Lobster Lock 2.0 - One Less Car Cycling Accessories

Lobater Lock

Lobster Lock 2.0

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The lobster bike lock is a new and innovative way for you to never forget your lock. Secure in the knowledge that it will always be with you, without being too cumbersome or conspicuous.

Being attached to your bike means there is no more trying to remember where you might have left your bike lock or getting to where you are going to realize you forgot it!

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Locks and unlocks in seconds.

Attached folding design promotes proper locking technique every time.

Being attached to your bike at all times means you never forget your lock.

Heat-treated, hardened steel links and rivets and an upgraded disc detainer lock cylinder.

Screws into bottle cage bosses; Waterbottle cage can be mounted directly over the lock.

Sets up to lock either front or back wheel if both bottle mounts are present.

Weight: 2.8 lbs / 1.27kg

Folded Dimensions: 10.5” x 2.75” x 2.5”

How Secure is it?

The Lobster Lock features a disc-detainer lock cylinder, an upgrade from the previous pin-tumbler cylinder. This makes Lobster Lock more resistant to picking attacks by particularly skilled thieves.

Most bike lock security review sites rank folding bike locks similarly to the lighter security U-Locks. This means that Lobster Lock is suited for moderate-risk scenarios if you intend to leave your bike out of sight for extended periods, and higher risk scenarios if you are only stepping away for a few minutes.

In many places, locking your bike properly can make all the difference- Lobster Lock’s frame-attached design and carefully considered dimensions can help you to fully lock your frame and wheel to any bike rack, quickly and easily.

Despite the many different bike locks on the market, no lock is theft-proof. With enough time and determination, any bike lock can be compromised by a driven bike thief. The secure ones are incredibly heavy, or time-consuming to lock and unlock after every trip. It turns out that cordless power tools are very effective against both the highest security locks and the lowest. It is all about delaying and discouraging theft, as opposed to being “theft-proof”.

Will it work on my bike?

As long as your bike has a water bottle cage mount (Two threaded holes a couple of inches apart) Lobster Lock should work with your bike. If your bike has two bottle mount locations, you can choose to mount Lobster Lock to either the downtube or the seat tube This allows for locking either your front wheel or back wheel depending on your preference. You can also mount your water bottle cage directly on top of the lock- we wouldn’t want you to get dehydrated!

What if someone unscrews the lock from the downtube?

If it is properly locked through your frame, front wheel and bike rack, Lobster Lock forms a secure closed loop. This means that your bike will still be locked even if the base is unscrewed from your frame. Coming back to an unscrewed Lobster Lock would certainly be annoying, but we’ll take that over a stolen bike every time.