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litelok silver bike lock compatible with the wearable kit
liteloke flexi o size 70 lock comes with 2 keys
likelok keys silver rated bike lock
silver lock with wearable kit likelock bike lock
bike lock litelock flexi O locking bike and wheel to stand

Litelok GO Flexi-O

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This bike lock is lightweight and secure.  Offering flexibility , more reach around fixed objects and at up to  50% of the weight of traditional D or U, cable locks and chains.  

With the addition of the wearable kit you can comfortably ride with it around your waist.

Key coded keys mean you can register your keys with Likelok and order replacements should you ever need to.

LITELOK GO is made from high-grade materials including a patented Boaflexicore strap which contains a high tensile steel and complex polymer composite, and a hardened aerospace grade steel alloy that is forged from molten metal at over 1700 degrees Centigrade.

Independently tested and accredited by Sold Secure - Sold Secure Silver rating.

  • Flexible
  • Wearable (wearable kit sold separately here)
  • Sold Secure Silver rating
  • One-piece construction means no rattling
  • Key coded keys
flexi-o size chart