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close up of the Frost and Sekers quick lock mount on the Brompton saddle
the Frost and Sekers Quick-lock mount on the Brompton Electric
Frost and Sekers Quick-lock Mount Bromptons

Frost and Sekers Quick-lock Mount Bromptons

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This is the Quick-lock saddlebag mount made for Brompton seatposts.  The Quick-lock will keep your saddlebag secure while riding but easy to remove when your arrive. The mount is so easy to use it can be used one-handed; a short sharp pull will detach the handle and your bag from the mount. 

This quick-lock mount is designed specifically for Brompton seat posts. It can be used with saddle bags with a two tab attachment design.

  • Weatherproof
  • 0.356kg
  • Stainless steel (Waxed cotton handle included with Frost and Sekers bags, sold seperatly)
  • Installed under saddle

*All Quick-locks include the stainless steel handle design, (not the Beech wood design featured in some photos). The fabric wrap is included with the purchase of a Frost and Sekers bag.