Giving Back

We think that every business should care about the world around them. That's why we're committed to making a positive difference through Pledge 1%.

member of Pledge 1%

Pledge 1% enables us to donate to causes that need it most. And we’ve chosen to donate to World Bicycle Relief, a charity that builds and distributes bikes to places where they’ll have the most impact. 

Every time you shop with us, you’re part of making a difference becasue a portion of each sale is donated to World Bicycle Relief. Plus, it doesn’t even cost you any extra!

Thank you for shopping at One Less Car! You’ve not only made a difference to this passionate independent business, but also those across the world who need it most.

World Bicycle Relief mobilizes people through bicycles, giving them the power and independence to make daily life not only easier, but possible.

We’ve experienced how bikes can change lives. That’s why we’ve partnered with World Bicycle Relief. Their specially designed Buffalo bike is strong, simple able to withstand harsh climates and is meeting the pressing need for reliable and sustainable transportation.

a woman with her buffalo bike from world bicycle relief

Instead of battling the sun on foot, World Bicycle Relief gives rural communities in developing worlds the opportunity to get to school safely, shop for groceries and receive much needed medical care quickly by biking.

a man using his buffalo bike to transport things

So far, World Bicycle Relief has distributed more than 500,000 bikes, in 21 countries throughout Africa and Latin America.

We hope together, with your help, we will allow even more people to experience how a bike can truly change lives for the better!

a girl uses her buffolo bike from world bicycle relief to get to school