Our Story

Hi! I’m Michelle, Founder and Chief Product Tester here at One Less Car.

If you’d told me when I first started cycling that I’d be launching a shop, I wouldn’t have believed you.  Because when I started cycling in 2014, I found that as a beginner, I wasn’t sure what I needed for my daily commute and adventures, or even what worked.

I found that most bike shops are geared up for people who’ve been cycling for years, know how to spot a good product amongst the hundreds of options, and crucially know when they’re getting a good deal.

Which is great for them but what about the beginners out there? Or the people who don’t have time to sift through the vast amount of products out there.

In my quest for biking knowledge, I decided to vlog my journey (including a trip across Canada which, if you want to know what it’s like to camp near bears check out my videos here). Through years of trial and error have built up my own knowledge of what actually works.

Which means One Less Car is filled with carefully curated, tried and tested products from independent businesses that make products that last.

It’s the shop I needed and wanted when I started out.

And I hope it’s the shop for you as well!
michelle and nathan at a cafe stop with the bromptons


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