Our Top Tips for Cycling in the Rain

Spring is almost here and in the UK that usually brings with it some rain. When the weather turns wet, cycling can become a challenging and unpleasant experience. Here are some tips to make cycling in the rain safer and more enjoyable.

Wear the right gear: The right gear can make all the difference when it comes to staying dry and comfortable while cycling in the rain. Invest in a good waterproof jacket  (or Poncho), trousers, gloves and shoe covers. You may also want to wear a helmet cover or a cap to keep rain out of your eyes.

Use lights and reflectors: Rain can make it harder for drivers to see you, so make sure you use lights and reflectors to increase your visibility. Use a bright front light and a flashing rear light, and consider adding reflective tape to your bike and clothing. Our favouite lights are the battery free Reelight NOVA becasue you never have to worry about them running out of charge.

Don’t ride through puddles: Unless you know the road well riding through a puddle can be risky as they could be hiding something more sinister like a pothole. Also be careful around wet leaves as they are slipperly and can cause skidding or worse, take a wheel out from under you causing a crash.

Choose your route carefully: Some roads and bike paths may be more hazardous in the rain, so plan your route carefully. Avoid roads with heavy traffic or poor drainage, and consider taking a slightly longer but safer route if necessary.

Bring a change of clothes: Even with the best gear, you may still get wet on your commute. Bring a change of clothes and a towel to dry off when you get to work, and consider getting a waterproof pannier, or storing your work clothes in a waterproof bag to keep them dry.  If you want to keep your shoes dry our Footeriens are the perfect solution to having to carry an extra pair of shoes.

Cycling in the rain may not be the most pleasant experience, but with the right gear and precautions, it can still be a safe and enjoyable way to commute to work. So don't let a little (or even a lot) rain stop you from getting on your bike and enjoying the ride. Check out the links in the articles or go check out the rainware collection at the One Less Car shop for gear to help you enjoy your ride in the rain and do share your tips and wisdom in the comments!

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