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Everything you need for a stress-free commute

woman cycling to work through a park, commuting to work puts you in a good mood

The last thing you need on your commute to work is something breaking or a downpour soaking your laptop!

Each journey should be stress-free. Each ride taken in the knowledge that you’ll get from A to B with everything intact leaving you relaxed and listening to your favourite music and pondering your next adventure.

Being cyclists ourselves with years of travelling under our belts (or waterproof ponchos) we’ve tried and tested hundreds of products. Some great! Some not so. And because we don’t want you to end up in that meeting frazzled, frustrated, and ready to throw your bike in the nearest bin, we’ve curated our top commuter recommendations.

So sit back, relax, grab a cuppa and scroll through the following stress-free commuter delights!

Aftershokz OPENMOVE Bone Conduction Headphones

(Charity Product of the Month*)

man wearing OPENMOVE bone conduction headphones by Aeropex a great way to listen to music on your bike

Built to keep up with your travel plans, these headphones are sweatproof, waterproof and are designed to keep your ears open so you can hear what’s going on around you while you’re listening to your favourite music, ensuring your ride will fly by!

Easily charged with a USB-C charging port, it takes just 120minutes to reach full charge and you’ll get 6 hours listening time.

Plus, Bluetooth 5.0 brings a quick and stable connection throughout your ride with a range of 10 metres.

These beauties have been a firm favourite with our Founder Michelle whose husband, Nathan, used them just about every day cycling across Canada in 2016. When she got her own pair Nathan teased her she might need them surgically removed she used them so much finding them to be just as useful off the bike.

*We’re donating £2 of every purchase of the Aftershokz OPENMOVE headphones to our charity partner World Bicycle Relief instead of our normal 50p. You don’t have to do anything except make your purchase and enjoy knowing you’ve helped empower students, health workers, and entrepreneurs in rural developing regions with life-changing mobility.

Basil Noir Business Bike Bag

Business Bike Bag a pannier that doesn't look like a cycling bag

Perfect for those who love multi-functional pieces, the Basil Noir Business Bike Bag can be used on the bike with a strong and sturdy hook attachment and off as a stylish shoulder bag or handbag by hiding the hooks away with the built-in cover, no one will ever suspect it's a bike bag.

Hidea away hooks mean off the bike no one will ever know it's a bike bagWaterproof and with a generous 17L capcity the Noir bag features several internal pockets for all of your essentials.

But what’s more, the bag has secret reflective detailing for extra visibility and safety.

Reelight NOVA Battery Free Bike Lights

showing the Reelight NOVA turning on when the frictionless dynamo is near a spinning wheel

Remember earlier when we spoke about a ‘stress-free commute’? Well, is there anything better than having your bike lights just ready to go? No worrying about charging them or losing the cable. Just shutting the door and heading off!

Using the rotation of your aluminium wheel rim, the Reelight’s create their own magnetic field which is then used to create power.

Once installed, you’ll have lights always ready to go when you are, and you’ll never have to think about charging your bike lights again!

Check out our Founder Michelle’s review of the lights here:

Litelok ONE Flexi-O

Litelock ONE Flexi-o bike lock black

One of the biggest worries we see with commuters (and let’s be honest!) cyclists in general is knowing their bike will be there when they get back. That’s why a strong bike lock is an absolute commuter essential!

But there’s strong, and then there’s STRONG. And this is where the Litelok ONE comes in…

Researched, developed, and tested using machines that are stronger than any human could ever be, the Likelok ONE is in our opinion, the best on the market.

Weighing just 1.1kg, the Litelok ONE works with standard bikes and e-bikes and features a fast ‘click and lock’ system so you don’t have to fiddle around while securing your bike. You then unlock using your key.

Rated and independently tested and accredited by Sold Secure, the lock itself is made from a variety of high-grade materials including steel and complex polymer composite.

This lock is ideal for high-risk areas when you need to transport your bike or any time you have a long stopover.

woman locking bike to a bike stand with a litelok bike lock

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