5 Things Any Cyclist Will Love Under £20

cyclist christmas gift guide under £20

The holidays are approaching, if you are looking for a secret Santa gift, stocking stuffers or a little something for the cyclist in your life this article should help.

Everything on this list is £20 or less and includes things from clothing items to accessories to gadgets. You can't go wrong with any of them! All of these gifts are sure to make your favourite cyclist very happy on Christmas day.

1. Cycling Adventure Journal

cycling adventure journal

This beautiful sustainably made cycling adventure journal is a place to take notes, draw pictures, and write about adventures had while cycling. Rides can be document in this special book, and at the end of every year (or trip), it becomes an amazing scrapbook documenting the adventure!

2. Waterproof Shoe Covers

Waterproof shoe covers for cycling

Tucano Urbano Footerine waterproof shoe covers are some of my favourite things to have on hand during rainy days. These little shoe covers easily and quickly slip over regular shoes to keep them from getting wet or dirty from those inevitable puddles or unexpected downpours on bike commutes. And they easily tuck away into a bike bag when not needed. So simple but so effective, and there are 4 different colours and designs to choose from.

3. Waterproof Helmet Cover

Tucano Urbano is a brand that specialises in keeping riders comfortable on their bike no matter the weather. Their waterproof helmet cover keeps the head protected from the wind and rain, as well as looking great. It is made up of their high-quality hydrostretch fabric, so it's flexible, durable, lightweight and fits just about any type of bike helmet! Best of all the peak helps keep the rain out of eyes and, and stops it from looking like a shower cap.

4. GPS Mount for Brompton Bikes

Brompton bike computer mount for GPS

This GPS mount is a great present for Brompton lovers. It's affordable, simple and compact which makes it really easy to fit on the bike without being bulky. Perfect for all the Brompton riders out there who like to have their GPS in view to help navigate their adventures or find their way around town.

5. Reelight UGO light set

Reelight UGO set of bike lights

The Reelight UGO lights are a wonderful backup set of bike lights. They're small, light, and easy to stow in a cycling bag or pannier until needed. And when required, they mount on a bike in seconds.

We hope you found this list helpful. The holidays are fast approaching and if you’re like many people, gifts for loved ones can be hard to find sometimes but we hope that this list of gift ideas will help make the process go more smoothly.

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