The Perfect Gift for the Cyclist in Your Life

Christmas is quickly approaching and you know what that means. Gifts! We have some great gift ideas for you to consider this year for the avid cycle commuter in your life. We’ve put together a list of our favourite gifts that will help them stay warm, dry, comfortable and safe while they pedal around town or on their way from A to B.

Whether they are a hardcore commuter or just an occasional rider, if they get around by bike there's something here for everyone, and every budget. So let's get into it!

Footerines Shoe Covers & Woolie Boolie Socks

First up, feet. It's vital to keep those toes warm and dry and this combo of DeFeet Woolie Boolie socks and Tucano Urbano Footerine shoe covers will accomplish both.

We are no strangers to cold feet and these are the best socks we've found to keep warm toes on a bike. Woolie Boolie socks are a cushioned wool sock with the thickness needed to keep feet warm even on the longest, coldest of rides. Made from a blend of merino wool for warmth with just enough lycra and nylon to give them stretch, make sure they hold their shape and last. 

waterproof footerine shoe covers in yellow

Footerines are 100% silicone waterproof shoe covers that have a reinforced sole and nonslip tread to keep feet planted on those pedals. Since they take up no room in a bike bag, they are easy to bring on a ride, and they slip on in seconds when unexpected rain shows up on a ride.

Simple yet so effective. Choose from 4 different colours and designs.

City Cycling Rain Jackets

These rain jackets have unique features that make them great for cycling. Things like reflective details and vents for airflow. Most importantly, they are both waterproof, but unlike most cycling rain jackets, they also cover the legs to keep them dry while riding.

The woman's Tucano Urbano Magic Spring jacket is a  ¾ length, waterproof and windproof beauty that can be used as a regular jacket or turned into a cape to cover your legs for those rainy days on the bike.

Cut and fitted specifically for women, the jacket is flattering.  It includes a ventilation system on the back and underarms, an adjustable hood for use with or without a helmet and reflective strips on the cuffs, back and sides.

unisex People's Poncho

The unisex People's Poncho comes in one size, goes on over just about anything and can be used year round. It has cycle-friendly handlebar straps, reflective strips and an inner waistband clip to keep it from flapping in the wind. 

There is also a handy front pocket to make sure your phone and keys are easy to access and it comes with its own bag making it easy to bring everywhere.

Both these jackets have excellent airflow so no more overheating when it rains and they work well off the bike too.

Reelight NOVA Lights

reelight NOVA in action

The NOVA battery-free light set will please the regular rider in your life because they take the hassle out of riding at night since they simply switch on when the bike is moving.

The modern dynamo that powers the front and rear lights uses Eddy current, which creates a magnetic field in conjunction with the aluminium rim of a bike wheel to power the light. It almost seems like magic because with an Eddy current rim dynamo, the dynamo does not even have to touch, its contactless and frictionless!

Once installed that's it. Tthere will be no more charging or concern about batteries running out halfway through the journey home.

Aftershokz Bone Conduction Headphones

Aftershockz OPENMOVE bone conduction headphones for cyclists

For those who ride the same route every day, it can become stale. With Aftershokz's bone conduction headphones, you can keep things interesting with great music, audiobooks, or podcasts. These headphones are safe for riding because they utilize bone conduction technology, which means there's nothing obstructing your ear and you can still hear what's going on.

The OPENMOVE model is a strong choice with excellent sound and waterproofing to ensure that sweat or rain don't spoil the fun. If you have the budget, go for the Aeropex version, which is lighter and sleeker and provides even better audio.

Bike Bags

There are many bags to choose from. We love these two made by Basil because of the details built in these bags. They are functional and look great both on and off the bike.

The Soho Waterproof backpack pannier is a fantastic choice for those who live in areas where it rains a lot (which, as we all know, is pretty much all of England). It is entirely waterproof and includes built-in side lights for increased visibility in low light. When the bag is in pannier mode it attaches to a bike rack with hooks that then pack away when the bag is in backpack mode. So no more sweaty back on the bike.

Evergreen convertible bike pannier

The Evergreen Convertible bag is even more adaptable. It can be used as a rucksack, pannier, or tote bag. It has several handy compartments and the hooks hide away when they're not needed, just like the Soho bag.

The water-repellent fabric feels like cotton but contains no less than 21 recycled 350 ml plastic bottles. Add in vegan leather detail and antique bronze finishings and you have the perfect everyday bag.

To make this an even better gift, our bag collection is our charity item of the month for November. This means that for every bag purchased we give £2 to our charity, World Bike Relief, rather than the usual 50p donation.

World Bicycle Relief

The holidays are fast approaching and if you’re like many people, gifts for loved ones can be hard to find sometimes but we hope that this list of gift ideas will help make the process go more smoothly! Check them out over at or use the links above.